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 Kenya Tourism Industry Statement on Sosian Incident of 5th March 2017

The  tourism  fraternity  in  Kenya  deeply  regrets to  learn of  the  death  of Tristan  Voorspuy,  a  co-owner of  Sosian  Ranch  and  owner  of  Offbeat Safaris  who  was  killed  at  Sosian  Ranch  on  Sunday  5th  March  2017  by unknown assailants who had trespassed onto the ranch apparently with groups of herdsmen seeking grazing for their livestock.


On  behalf  of  all  industry  stakeholders  we  extend  our  condolences  and sympathy to the family of Mr Voorspuy and to the other Kenyan farmers and  ranch  employees  who  have  been  caught  up  in  the  conflict over pasture in the affected area in recent weeks.


Sosian Ranch is one of the private ranches in northern Laikipia hosting a vibrant  population  of  wildlife.  During  this  year's  drought-like  conditions, they are one of 7 ranches that have been invaded by hungry livestock and pastoralists. Read more

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