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 Kenya Association Of Air Operators (KAAO)

The Kenya Association of Air Operators, was established to promote, foster and protect the interests of those engaged in civil aviation or associated industries in Kenya It represents the interest of all licensed commercial air operators and other authorised bodies engaged in the Aviation industry based in Kenya. Their operations may be domestic or international, offering scheduled or chartered services, carrying passengers or freight, in a fixed or rotary wing aircraft or hot air balloons.

The Association however encourages competition among its members and does not seek to be cartel. On the contrary, it would normally reject any proposal which sought to promote monolithic, closed shop or anti competitive practices. It may however, as a last resort sometimes call upon its members to voluntarily adopt certain codes of practice in the interests of the majority, particularly where standards of safety might otherwise be compromised or the economic viability of the members is endangered.

For example, it may impose a ban on the use of unsafe airfields, or refuse to provide services to a known bad payer, or it may impose minimum standards above those required by the law to ensure the safety of a given operation, if in the committee's opinion such standards are reasonable, justifiable, economically sustainable and serve to promote the safety of passengers and enhance the professionalism of air operations. In the event that the committee calls for unanimous action of such a kind, the members of the Association are bound to comply.

The Association seeks the closest and best possible relationship with the Government and controlling Authorities in order to represent the interests of its members collectively and to attempt to influence Government policy for the well being of the industry. It acts for all its members in negotiating with the Government for fare and charter rate adjustments where these are controlled and in negotiating the most favourable rates possible of duty and tax for essential goods and services.

It seeks to promote and influence the development of the country's aviation infrastructure, technical standards and training of personnel. Where these standards fall and are the responsibility of the Government, it acts as a watchdog for the private sector in drawing Government's attention to the fact: where they are the responsibility of individual members it acts in a self-disciplining capacity to restore them to their proper levels.

Categories of membership

  1. Ordinary Membership is available to persons and through a nominated representative to organisations in possession of a licence to operate aircraft for hire and reward issued by Kenya Civil Aviation Board and an Air Operator's Certificate issued by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

  2. Ordinary Membership (Non-Voting) is available to individuals or organisations authorised by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to carry out the maintenance of aircraft equipment or to engage actively in matters relating to Civil Aviation.

  3. Associate Membership is available to owners and operators of aircraft not covered by a) above and to individuals or organisations involved in civil aviation and associated industries not covered by b) above.

  4. Honorary Membership may be granted to individuals or organisations who may not normally fall into any of the above categories but who may be deemed by the members of the Executive Committee of the Association at their sole discretion to be desirable members of the Association.

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