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 Kenya Tourism Awards

Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) is the umbrella organization for the private sector in tourism, representing the interest of the:-

Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)

Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers (KAHC)

Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA)

Kenya Association of air operators (KAAO)

Mombasa & Coast tourism Association (MCTA)

Eco tourism Kenya (EK) 

Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants association of Kenya (PERAK)


KTF offers 2 main services to and on behalf of the private sector in tourism.


1)    Lobby for better business environment for tourism sustenance and growth

2)    Tourist safety and security information services through the safety and communication centre. 


Kenya boasts diverse tourist attractions that comprise tropical beaches; abundant wildlife in their natural habitats; vibrant bird and wildlife migration patterns, as well as a scenic landscape. Other attractions are world heritage sites, a rich cultural history stretching back a million years and the repute ‘the cradle of mankind', in reference to some of the oldest human fossils that have been found in Kenya. Thus, Kenya is truly a destination that offers foreign and domestic visitors unrivaled variety of travel experience.


Internationally, tourism is projected to be a leading international service industry. According to a forecast by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 1.6 billion by the year 2020, of which 378 million will be long-haul travelers. It is against this backdrop of projected growth that Kenya's tourism sector is strategizing for the short, medium, and long-term so as to maximize benefit from the projected growth.

The tourism sector is identified as one of the six sectors of the economic pillar of Vision 2030, the country's economic blueprint which aims to drive the economy to achieve an annual growth rate of 10%.

To realize the envisioned growth, the tourism industry under the government leadership endeavors to, among other things, treble annual tourism earnings from Kshs.65.4 billion in 2007 to Kshs.200 billion by the year 2012; increase international tourist arrivals from 1.8 million in 2007 to 3 million arrivals by 2012; and to increase average spending per visitor from Kshs.40, 000/= to Kshs.70, 000/= by the year 2012.

The tourism sector growth plan sustains the spirit of partnerships for success, where the Government will work closely with the private sector and other players, e.g. to upscale human resource development through expansion of training institutions and regulation of training; and diversify the country's tourism offer by exploring new products such as conference tourism.

Despite the setbacks of the post election violence in 2008 and the world economic meltdown, Tourism in Kenya has made great strides and recovered, rising in the last 2 years to set the sector's peak performance yet.

On behalf of the tourism industry, Kenya Tourism Federation is introducing Kenya Tourism Awards. The goal of the awards is to recognize and encourage excellence and good practice in responsible tourism.

Kenya Tourism Federation Secretariat is organizing the Kenya tourism industry's first national awards.

The awards ceremony is slated for 23rd June 2011. There are 8 different award categories - 7 award categories for the tourism industry; and a Media award category - with the goal of recognizing the contribution of the media in promoting Kenya as a tourism destination of choice. There are a total of 15 awards to be won.

Tourism Businesses who wish to participate in the set categories should submit their nominations by 5 pm on 30th April 2011, after which nominations will not be accepted. A business may nominate to be considered in more than 1 category. The deadline for nominations for the Media Awards has been extended from 30th April to May 13th 2011, to allow journalists sufficient time to prepare and submit their nominations for the awards.

To nominate a business: Complete the nomination form printed in black ink, double spaced, using 12 point type. The nomination form should be accompanied by a narrative of no more than 4 pages outlining how the business fits in the specific award criteria. The nomination should also be accompanied by not more than 4 signed letters of support from persons other than the nominator.

Entrants may submit along with their nomination additional support material for the nomination, such as newspaper articles, press releases, photos with captions, internal and external evaluation documents

Nominations may be mailed or delivered to the address:


Selection committee,

KTF Tourism Awards,

P.O BOX 15013 - 00509,



Or e-mailed to:

Click here to view the nomination criteria for all the award categories and download nomination form.

Summaries of winning entries will be published in the Africa Investor Magazine, with the option not to publish commercially sensitive information.


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